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Independent expert in dynamic databases, ETP data systems has developed for all market participants a single platform and innovative solutions in warrants & certificates. More than 90,000 referenced products, updated continuously.

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April 18, 2024 - 00:00:00

live warrants & certificats on the French market.
barriers have been reached during today's trading session.
products on the CAC 40 index.
different underlyings.
products on commodities.
quotes managed on our platform so far today.
new products were issued today.
different pay-offs amongst warrants & certificates in France.
products with the EUSIPA section "Yield enhancement products".
dual listed products.
warrants will expire in one month.

Our Company

Leader in France for the supply of financial information on the Warrants & Certificates market segment, ETP data systems combines a dual expertise: information technology and financial markets.

Built on highly relevant and demanding specifications, ETP data systems' repository positions itself as a true marketplace infrastructure:
  • Data Quality Management through direct connections with issuers
  • Quasi Real time updates
  • Multi-market information (France, Belgium, The Netherlands – Regulated exchange and alternative trading platforms)
  • High availability infrastructure
Issuer, securities settlement department, financial portal or data vendor, our team analyses your needs (business development, regulatory / compliance, marketing, middle / back -office), advises and develops solutions accordingly.

Our Solution

Our Applications

Dynamic Flow

Our dynamic flow meets all the needs of your Warrants & Certificates business. Our industry expertise enables us to offer you and your clients the best flow in this market segment.

  • Directly sourced from the issuers
  • On-going control procedures
  • Static and dynamic characteristics (elasticity, delta, distance to barrier, ....), barrier event, corporate actions
  • Multi-market information
  • Includes regulatory documentation

Search Engine

Our Search Engine Products redefines industry standards , it offers an innovative and differentiating solution.

  • Suitable for different investor profiles (expert/beginner)
  • Comprehensive and updated continuously
  • Quick and flexible implementation (dedicated API)
  • Sponsored by AFPDB

Turbo/Warrant Map

Our Turbo/Warrant Map allows at a glance to get a panoramic view of all products Turbos / Warrants based on their characteristics (leverage , maturity).

  • Sole turbo map including multiple issuer products
  • Comprehensive and updated continuously
  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Integration as customizable iframes
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